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EvC Bloopers  

A side of the people in chat that you don't get to see every day....

Anthropologuy : How many creationists does it take to put in a lightbulb?   Anthropologuy : 0, electricity is just a theory.

Darksyd1011 : I mean do I barge in the christian rooms and spam our romm addy? Well yeah I do but that doesn't mean I want payback.


Demogorgon: Of course, I am not on there (Blooper page) because I am the living paragon of dignity.


Faëded¤Neßulã : i ignore orion whenever i hear "my cat...." "have i told you...", or anything about venusian dicks     Faëded¤Neßulã F: ducks!!


Fïŋяod : You can call her fat    Fïŋяod : I mean, fae

Isíldûr : Three Texas surgeons were arguing as to which had the greatest skill.  The first began: "Three years ago, I reattached seven fingers on a pianist. He went on to give a recital for the Queen of England."  The second replied: "That's nothing. I attended a man in a car accident.  All his arms and legs were severed from his body. Two years after I reattached them, he won three gold medals for field events in the Olympics."   Isíldûr : The third said: "A few years back, I attended to a cowboy. He was high on cocaine and alcohol when he rode his horse head-on into a Santa Fe  freight train traveling at 100 miles per hour.  All I had to work with was the horse's ass and a ten gallon hat.  Last year he became president of the United States."

JãnêDõê®: Of course breasts are for nursing, but you have to do SOMETHING with them in the mean time!

JãnêDõê®: will not be naked....@ least not for the ceremony JãnêDõê® : well...get enough drinks in me and I will do anything!

JeanneAnne793 : I've been learning to read, Jill.. it's rather complicated lol    JeanneAnne793 : umm... tarot cards.. that last sentence made me sound stupid lol 

Host KarmaGirl_272 kicked JãnêDõê® out of the chat room: big bottom huh?? I didn't have any trouble missing yours as you can see.....


KTJester : rain-drop impressions .....If you haven't noticed, it doesn't rain under water!


Orion© : Panth.. I'm neither male nor female.

PorchTwo : Mars....sorry, God died last year [Evidence that Porch is a little too favorable towards Gould?]

Radical_fringe : I'm busy combing the journals for quotes I can use out of context. I promise you hours of more library research tracking down journal articles. Muahahahahahah!


[In response to a question on how fast the regulars jump on theists:] Radical_fringe : Unfortunately, the most attractive thesists in the room have hammers with which to beat the rest of us off   [Radical_fringe notes the double entendre in his sentence and….Nota bene:  This is what happens when one does not avoid ending sentences with a preposition.


SkipChurch : My best so far is "11 feet of rain an hour...that isn't rain, that's HYDRAULIC MINING"


SlappyKincade : Ghandi traveled everywhere on foot, which gave him quite an impressive set of callouses. And because of his macrobiotic diet, he had bad breath and was very frail. So what did that make him?    SlappyKincade : A super-calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis


SlappyKincade : I've offered to tutor at the local catholic school, but a restraining order is a restraining order.


Terrible_Swift_Spork : gravity is a science lie made up by heathens to hide the evil fallen angels that stop us from being with God in Heaven. How's that for YEC physics?


thatsagibbon : about 98% of life and earth scientists believe in creationism



WhatWouldDarwinDo2 : lady:  ok, so what about litters without runts, or with all runts, or a sterile parent?

FishHeadStu : rafe...the largest org we know about is alive now
Host Glow•in•the•Dark kicked FishHeadStu out of the chat room:  porn bots suck

[repeat twice, where AstralMage and Uamedstudent were banned from the room for the same statement].
[4 hours later...].

faëded_nebula : i have no pornbot ban
faëded_nebula : hang on let me check
faëded_nebula : ooohhhhhh <OBSCENITY deleted>
faëded_nebula : a loooong time ago i added a script that banned pornbots that say "live now"
Host Istiophorus kicked faëded_nebula out of the chat room:  porn bots suck

The_San_Rafael_Swell : I don't see anything wrong with cannibalism

miick2 : repent

FoxholeAtheist1 : I didn't pent in the first place.
FoxholeAtheist1 : Now I need to do it again?
SlimHappyGoat : you are WAY behind, fox 
SlimHappyGoat : i've already pented five or six times
SlimHappyGoat : the first few times are tough, but you get used to it
SlimHappyGoat : it's like second nature now
SlimHappyGoat : you might want to get a towel, though
SlimHappyGoat : penting can be a bt messy 

SycamoreSunStar61 : geese, dicks, ect

SycamoreSunStar61 : er _ no...ducks*

The_San_Rafael_Swell : you gotta respect incest period The_San_Rafael_Swell : especially ants, wasps, bees, etc The_San_Rafael_Swell : oops

ContinentsDontMove : so..if you want to push part of that volume "up" to make a mountain...then somewhere, you have to lose that volume..displace it.
ContinentsDontMove : I don't see a hole in the ground on the opposite side of the earth from Mt. Everest, do you?
ContinentsDontMove : try it with a ballon....pull op a bit of the balloon to make a "mountain"....the volume of the rest of the ballon gets smaller by the same amount