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The Philosopher's Stone, which is referenced with respect to Atlantis, transmutation, levitation, and portals, is but a crystaline structure, based on the fundamental elements hidden within the Platonic Solids, consisting of the imagery of the Platonic Elements of Fire, wind, water, and earth, which are paralleled to the imagery of the tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, and icosahedron.  Just as all colors can be combined from the primary colors, which are of fixed wavelengths, the basic elements can be composed of proportions of primary distances, which are a component of wavelengths.  All colors can be derived from the primary colors, just as all 3D geometry can be derived from 3 basic length elements and their proportions.  The imagery of the primary distances can be found in the star of David, or the Seal of Solomon.  The imagery of the basic elements which are composed of these basic elements can be found in the numerology of the tribes of Israel, the breast plate of Aaron, the numbers and numerology of the evololution of the original apostles.  The following link goes to a web site which discusses the correlations as well as presents the geometric presentation.

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