Jan 26 12 2:07 PM

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I started this venture about 12 or so years ago in the CD Chatroom, and now spend time in the CDii Message room.

My life isn't very interesting, but you might say that I'm a Jane of all trades, but a master of none.  I've been a secretary, biller, high school teacher, Special Ed teacher, dental assistant, missionary to Brazil, and an underwriter.

I've lived in Oregon, Washington, Michigan, California and Brazil.

As a child, my father said we could not talk about politics or religion, but I became a Conversative Republican and a Christian.  Some have called me a "fundie." 

I currently teach Sunday School and enjoy going to the city with a group who cooks sausages, scrambled eggs and pancakes for street people.  Actually a couple of weeks ago was my first venture at this.  They gave me the job of serving the food, but eventually a man told me that he would take over and I could talk with the people.  Talk!?  I wondered what to say and if they'd really want to me. 

They loved talkiing, and loved listening to them.  They were mostly educated and interesting people.  I can't wait to go back.