Feb 7 12 6:04 PM

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Loren (Coolhobiecat) has two excellent threads on our sister site.

The first is dedicated to the macroscopic extreme of the universe: Astronomy.  As a practicing astronomer, Loren brings a great deal of expertise to the effort, and has attracted at least one excellent amateur astronomer, Isabelle.  It's a great thread, check it out if you haven't already.  The Topic is Astronomy

The second thread is dedicated to the other end of the scale: The Microscopic World.  Loren has been searching through a bottle of stagmant water from a nearby pond with his telecsope turned around backwards (OK, that's just poetic license, he really does have a microcscope).  Check out the minature world which exists unseen and unappreciated all around us.  Microscopic Stuff